U.S. Hiring Accelerates with Restaurant Reopenings in February

The U.S. saw job gains in February come in well above most economist’s expectations, signaling that the labor market could be emerging from both the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns and the big chill of the winter months. About 379,000 jobs were added to employers’ payrolls in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). And while December’s job loss of -227,000 was revised down to -306,000, the modest gain of 49,000 in January was bumped up to 166,000, resulting in a net increase of 38,000 for those two months

NMHC Analysis: American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

As previously reported, the House and Senate have been working to craft COVID-19 relief legislation, based on the President’s “American Rescue Plan,” to be passed via the budget reconciliation process. Late last week, the House passed its version of the package. And after the Senate parliamentarian determined which provisions are eligible for inclusion within the strict Senate reconciliation rules, Senate Democrats are working to reach consensus on a package that can clear the chamber by an expected party-line vote

2020 Migration Trends: U-Haul Ranks 50 States by Migration Growth

Growth states are calculated by the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks entering a state versus leaving that state in a calendar year. Migration trends data is compiled from more than 2 million one-way U-Haul truck customer transactions that occur annually. Tennessee’s influx of do-it-yourself movers during a turbulent year marked by the coronavirus pandemic means that a state other than Florida and Texas tops the growth rankings for the first time since 2015, when North Carolina led the way