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Rented living is the way of life for one out of every three people living in the United States of America, but surprisingly, not all the states in the country are tenant friendly states. While some states have laws that favor landlords, others are more considerate towards tenants. In this post, we’ll take a look at the latter and give you insights into three of the top tenant friendly states in the United States: 

1. Vermont

Vermont, located in the New England region, is one of this country’s least populated states. For a long time, Vermont’s laws have remained friendly towards tenants, and it doesn’t seem like the laws will change and become landlord-friendly anytime soon. Let’s take a look at why exactly Vermont is so tenant-friendly:

  • No rule to restrict the amount of security deposit that can be charged by the landlord. However, landlords are required to return the security deposit within 14 days of the tenant moving out.
  • Landlords cannot increase rent overnight. Tenants have to be notified 60 days in advance.
  • Tenants are not obliged to pay rent if landlords fail to deliver essential services.
  • A 48-hour notice has to be provided to tenants before landlords can enter the premises of rental properties.
  • Tenants have the right to deduct costs for essential repairs from their monthly payable rent.

2. Rhode Island

Another state in the New England region, Rhode Island, is the USA’s smallest state in terms of its area. Due to the many inlets and large bays that make up over 10% of its total area, it is often fondly referred to as ‘The Ocean State.’ Today, Rhode Island is one of the country’s most tenant-friendly states, and here’s why:

  • Landlords are only legally allowed to charge a month’s rent as the security deposit and no more. 
  • Once tenants vacate their rental properties, landlords have only 20 days to return the security deposit in full.
  • When it comes to essential repairs, tenants can choose to either withhold rent payments until the landlords ensure that the necessary repairs are made, or they can spend from their own pockets and deduct the amount from the monthly payable rent.
  • Landlords can only give notice for eviction if tenants fail to pay their rent after 15 days from the due date of payment. After the notice is provided, tenants still have five more days to clear their past due rent.

3. Nebraska

Nebraska is a state located in the Midwest region of the United States, and it is one of the few states to have two separate time zones. As far as tenant-friendly laws are concerned, very few states can compare to Nebraska’s tenant friendly laws:

  • Tenants are only required to pay a month’s rent as a security deposit to landlords.
  • Landlords have only two weeks to return the full security deposit amount to tenants after they move out of the property.
  • The responsibility of getting essential repairs done falls on the shoulders of the landlords, and failing to get them done promptly gives tenants the right to withhold their monthly rent per the state’s laws.
  • If tenants are found guilty of violating any of the conditions stated in the rent agreement, it can result in landlords issuing 14-days eviction notices. However, landlords cannot terminate the rent agreement for 30 days after issuance of the notices.

Even though Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Vermont are some of the most tenant-friendly states in America, they’re not the only ones. Other states such as Oregon, and Delaware are known for being tenant-friendly as well and states such as Nevada are trending toward becoming more and more tenant friendly. While all these tenant-friendly states have some laws in place that are meant to provide security to landlords, most laws in these states are in favor of tenants so that landlords are restricted from exploiting them for monetary gains.

-The Multifamily Review Team

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