TMR BLOG: What is a “Sophisticated real estate investor”?

Multifamily real estate properties are an excellent investment option that can give a great return on investment. If you are looking to invest in a large commercial property or apartment complex but lack the financial resources, you can participate in apartment syndication. This is a concept where a group of people or entities pool their resources to invest in an apartment complex.  

Real estate or apartment syndication is not the same as REIT or real estate investment trust. In a REIT, by investing money in a trust that purchases real estate, you get to own shares in the company that makes the real estate investment. In apartment syndication, however, you are the owner of a share of the real estate property.

To participate in apartment syndication, investors have to be ‘qualified’ as they need to have a certain level of income or net worth or possess adequate knowledge of the real estate market as well as having financial and business acumen. A “Sophisticated Real Estate Investor” is one who can participate in such an apartment syndication investment.

Who can be a sophisticated real estate investor?

As defined by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), only qualified investors can participate in apartment syndication. Qualified investors can be either ‘accredited investors’ or ‘sophisticated investors.’ An accredited investor is one with a net worth of over one million dollars or has an annual income of at least $200,000 as an individual or has a joint income of $300,000 with the spouse. Accredited investors can also be companies, banks, trust, or non-profit organizations with a net worth of above $5 million.

A sophisticated real estate investor is also someone who has sufficient capital, net worth, and experience to participate in apartment syndication and other real estate investment opportunities.

According to the SEC, sophisticated investors are those that have adequate experience and knowledge in business and financial matters that enable them to evaluate the real estate investment’s risks and merits. There is a close relation between sophisticated and accredited investors. However, accreditation has a stricter definition with stringent requirements of net worth or income. 

The term ‘sophisticated real estate investor’ is loosely used to denote investors with a certain level of acumen, insight, and success in the real estate investment marketplace. These investors can take advantage of certain investment opportunities that are not available to other types of investors, including hedge funds and pre-IPO securities. 

Sophisticated investors, in general, are individuals who do not have to liquidate their investment assets and can sustain an investment loss without impacting their overall net worth.

The definitions and criteria as to who can be considered as sophisticated real estate investors vary widely in different countries across the world. In the U.S, the SEC gives accredited investors a higher position than sophisticated investors. The SEC also notes when accredited investors are entities such as a bank, a non-profit organization, or a trust, these entities can be headed by “sophisticated persons.” 

-The Multifamily Review Team

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