TMR BLOG: Top Paid and Free Apartment Websites to Market Your Vacant Apartment Units

In today’s multifamily climate, it’s essential you market your vacant apartment units online to find good tenants. If you are looking at securing rental income from your vacant apartment units but aren’t able to find any tenants, it’s time you advertise in places other than the newspaper classifieds. There are numerous websites available where you can list your vacancy. Some of these are free while some are paid. Each one of these offers different benefits and can be utilized to generate a interest in your vacant apartment units. Here are the two best paid and two best free websites to try out.

Paid Websites


One of the most effective paid websites to market your vacant apartment units is Listing your apartment on this website is simple, effective, and has the potential to brings results quickly. Since the website is free to be used by renters, there’s huge traffic on this site, giving you the perfect opportunity to gain more eyeballs for your listing.

If you wish to list your apartment for 30 days, charges you about $80 or more depending upon several factors. You’ll need to add property details on, such as your address, property type, and the number of units to get the exact fee. It also offers a “Property Manager Tool,” that can help you screen applicants, sign the property leases online, and even collect rent payments.


Another high traffic rental website you can utilize to find renters quickly is It offers two separate sections for owners and property managers, depending on the size of your apartment building. If you are looking at leasing a small property (1 – 19 units), you should select the “House, condo, or a small complex” option. If you are looking at leasing a property above 20 units, go for the “Apartment community” option. requires owners to pay a monthly fee to advertise their properties. Pricing plans start at  $50 and increase depending on the number of units you post for rent. To get started on, you’ll need to first add your apartment type and then sign up to proceed further. You can also accept and screen applications online, collect monthly rent online, and even get easy access to leasing reports. 

Free websites


Craigslist is popularly used for advertising loads of things. From job posts to service providers, Craigslist is the hot spot for advertising to a wide majority of people since it is completely free to use. You do not need to pay any registration fee or monthly subscription fee to use the website. This has also made the website incredibly popular to advertise vacant apartment units and find high-quality renters for them.

One of the special things about advertising your vacant apartment units on Craigslist is that it offers targeted advertising. The website breaks down the state into multiple markets. You can then list your properties in these markets allowing you to advertise to people looking to rent a house in that particular area. This way, you get renters that are highly interested in your property.


Another superbly powerful platform to advertise your individual apartment listings is While listing your individual apartment listings is 100% free, you will have to pay a fee if you are looking to list larger complexes. Also, people looking for rental properties aren’t required to pay any fee as well. Affiliated with the popular housing website Zillow, what’s great about this free listing website is that it offers an interactive map. Using this map, renters can look for properties in their preferred neighborhoods. 

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